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Hi - we’re the Co-Organizers of the Million Puppet March (formerly known as the Million Muppet March). We got our start during the first presidential debate of 2012 to show support for continued public funding of public media. We’d never met before - we just teamed up in social media. The first time we’ll meet in person will be in Washington DC on 11/3/12 during the March.

Chris Mecham and Michael Bellavia 

Chris Mecham

Chris Mecham was born in 1965, the first of the “Generation X” and the first year a publicly licensed educational television station began broadcasting in Idaho.  Even though Chris grew up in a small, southeast Idaho town, he eagerly looked forward to the cultural and educational programs offered on public television.  Public media programs like Inside Out, Thinkabout, and The Big Blue Marble ignited a curiosity about the world around him that has never diminished. 

In 2011 Chris embraced an opportunity to go back to university and complete his degree.  His interest in issues of social justice and the politics of opportunity have led him to the study of Political Science.  He is grateful to Boise State University’s College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs for providing him an exceptional learning environment that encourages community involvement. 

Today Chris works to help insure the opportunities he received are passed along to other children and adults around the world. 

Chris’s radio has been tuned to 91.5 KBSU for years. Chris has been known to wonder aloud exactly how big a donation one would have to make to get to have dinner with Nina Totenberg or Terry Gross. He also enjoys Downton Abbey and Idaho Reports on KAID, Idaho Public Television.


Michael Bellavia grew up in Flushing, Queens in the heart of New York City and fondly remembers being glued to WNET to watch Sesame Street, Electric Company, ZOOM and 3-2-1 Contact.

Now based in Los Angeles, Michael is an Emmy-winning producer and small business owner. He’s the President of Animax, an animation and interactive production studio, and HelpsGood, a social media agency. He’s on the Board of Delegates of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council and has a BS from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

In addition to public TV he’s a supporter of public radio and loves Le Show, This American Life, and, having been a fan of his ever since the days of Games magazine, Will Shortz’s Puzzles during Weekend Edition (he still misses Liane Hansen). Yes, Michael is a nerd.

Michael’s local public TV stations are KOCE and KCET and his local public radio stations are KCRW, KPCC and KPFK.

We create social good through puppetry. We harness Puppet Power in our mobilization, entertainment and education initiatives.


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