Anonymous said: Do you honestly think that if the portion of government funding that goes into Sesame Street were not there the program could not continue on its own?

We know Sesame Street would likely go on even without the current funding, but that’s not the point and we didn’t start this as a means to Save Sesame Street. Much like there are vulture capitalists that are salivating over getting their paws on Twinkies, there would readily be many who would love to buy the brand. IN this age of big media consolidation, one of the other big media companies would also be a ready buyer. But they’d probably find other sources of private financing to fill the gap.  

The reason why we marched and continued to march is to protect the entire public broadcasting ecosystem of which Sesame is only a portion.  This includes continued funding for CPB but also all the other stations and programs it supports.  We’ve written about many of these reasons in our about us section and we encourage you to read it. Thanks.

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