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Captain Lavender thanks the major contributors to the Million Puppet March. And we thank you too!

Terry Gross likes us. She really, really likes us. 

Here are her gushing tweets about the Terry Love Song written by Casual Young Italians to help support the Million Puppet March and public broadcasting. 

Buy the song here

Download the new Million Puppet March theme song here:

What a mom thinks about the Million Puppet March and Sesame Street. 

We want your video! We just launched our MillionPuppets YouTube channel (please subscribe). We’re asking you to submit 4 kinds of videos shot with your webcam, phone or camera - 

  1. Puppets Marching - shoot a 30-60 second video with puppets marching left to right on screen.
  2. Testimonials 
    - a video with you talking about what public TV and radio mean to you (and your puppet).
  3. Puppet Stories - tell an original story with puppets.
  4. Music Video - we wrote a song! In the next couple days we’ll release the lyrics. Record video of you singing it so we can edit a fun music video.
Click the Submit Video link on our site or email us your video at

Mister Rogers addressing Congress about PBS because President Nixon ‘forced’ his hand. Would ‘President’ Romney do the same with Big Bird? 

We create social good through puppetry. We harness Puppet Power in our mobilization, entertainment and education initiatives.

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